Keene Air and Auto Show 2012
Dan Marcotte
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Dan is an A&P Mechanic, Master Welder, Welding Instructor, and Fabricator from Bakersfield, Vermont. In addition to pursuing his aviation and motor sport dreams he owns and operates MindWorks Creative Metal Fabrication. The shop specializes in custom design, repair, and fabrication services for racing and aviation enthusiasts.

Dan maximizes his surface level waiver with performances that engage. His high energy airshow (in airplanes that people aren’t used to seeing) is always “front & center” and features just the right balance of classic aerobatic maneuvers, tumbles, tail slides, and spins. Dan’s infectious enthusiasm and energetic personality shine through in his aerobatic performances. Combine all of that with his diverse background in motor sports and aviation and audiences are captivated in the air and on the ground!
Jim Parker    
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Jimmy demonstrates “Aerobatics 101″ in his Decathlon. An entertaining demonstration… Jimmy’s routine showcases the basic maneuvers that all air show routines are built from.  
Trevor Rafferty    
Trevor Rafferty
Trevor is from Ontario, Canada and flies a Rafferty Javelin monoplane that he built himself.
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Dan Fortin    
Dan joins us from north of the border. You’ll be impressed by Dan’s graceful warbird aerobatics in his CJ-6 military trainer.
Charlie Lynch    
We’re getting some great warbirds in…and Charlie adds to the lineup with his Yak 52 TW military trainer.
Kirk Wicker    
Kirk Wicker - You won't want to miss this act! 
 You won't want to miss this act!
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Kirk has been flying both competition and airshows since 1985. Since then, Kirk has been the East Coast Aerobatic Champion, Placed at the International Aerobatic Club Championships, and has won numerous other regional aerobatic contests as well. With over 250 airshows under his belt, Kirk is one of few pilots in the United States that holds a surface level waiver to fly airshow performances in ANY single engine land aircraft. This being so, Kirk has entertained thousands of excited airshow spectators in various aircraft from the J-3 Cub to the CAP-21. Kirk's even entered a few races against Les Shockley and his jet powered truck the SHOCKWAVE! (Kirk raced the SHOCKWAVE while Flying inverted of coarse!)  
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  Our Airboss is Bill Snellgrove  
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